Nailmatic Foaming & Coloured Bath Salt Lagoon


Violet foaming bath salts. 
Sprinkle them while preparing the bath (under the water) and it all turns into a foaming fairytale. 
Our pirate advice: use a large dose of salts. 

Vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, preservative-free. 

No nasties, no worries 

Respecting Kids’ fragile skin is our top priority.
Thus, our bath salts’ formula favour natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin:
- citric acid, a naturally effervescent agent that regulate the global pH of our formula
- camomille extracts (hydrating and soothing)
- Sunflower oil (nourishing and regenerating)
- Sweet almond oil and vegetable oil (hydrating and emollient)
- Vitamine E, natural antioxydant AND perfect preservative agent
- Sodium Coco-Sulfate, a true DIY cosmetic star that comes from coconut and gently cleans delicate skins
Last but not least, we use Solanum TuberosumStarch (aka potato starch): it gives an incredibubble unctuous texture to the bath. 

Our bath salts don’t colour skin or bathtub, only the water :)
Recyclage packaging
Friendly reminder: to be used for Kids aged 3 and over, under adult surveillance.
Made in EU (Poland)