Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ sibling kit (additional to Mini+ basic)


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Mini + sibling kit is a supplement to Mini + basic. It is designed to follow the family’s needs and evolutionary cycle. With the purchase of a Mini+ sibling kit, the baby’s first cot bed Mini+ basic can follow the growth of both child and family.
The sibling kit makes it possible for the family to have both the Mini+ cot bed as a safe base for the youngest child and the Mini+ junior bed to the oldest child at the same time. Hereby the baby´s first bed is an investment in the sound sleep and healthy growth of the child. With the Mini+ sibling kit the bedroom environment becomes a stable and safe base for the youngest child and remains aesthetically consistent for years to come – even when one becomes two.

An optional purchase of a conversion kit in the Mini+ series will allow siblings to follow each other: From first cot bed and junior bed, to bunkbed, and finally to each their own individual junior bed when the need of sleeping independently in two individual junior beds – placed side by side or in separate rooms. When the children ultimately grow out of the junior beds, they can easily be used as daybeds in the children´s room or in another small cosy space in the home. The junior bed can of course also be quickly converted back to the original Mini+ basic should another new member of the family arrive. In this way, Mini+ sibling kit supports the sustainable thinking behind Oliver Furniture: To create furniture which in design as well as quality can follow the family for generations.

All Wood Mini+ beds are produced in Europe under sustainable and modern production methods. The furniture is made from solid FSC-certified oak and birch, and the beds are defined by their well- conceived and executed traditional design solutions.
All beds in the Wood Mini+ series have been tested and conform to the strict EU norms for safety and health. At Oliver Furniture ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand.