Emile et Ida short chat ble

€81,50 €40,75

Beige cotton and elastane shorts. We like the stretchy material, very comfortable. The cotton/elastane mix gives elasticity and brings suppleness and comfort to the clothes. Moreover, this property of elastane allows long or short trousers to regain and keep their shape whatever our movements and their repetition. To limit the impact of its production, we have chosen to introduce it in small touches (2% to 4% in most cases) in our collection. The shorts are mounted on an elasticated high waist belt and thanks to it, you don't necessarily have to open the fabric-covered button and metal zip on the fly to put them on or take them off. A big advantage at school. In addition, the waistband adjusts with a belt that slides through loops. In the front, two Italian pockets keep treasures close at hand, and in the back, two patch pockets hold the cat ears and the gold lurex embroidered muzzle.