Jollein slaapzak newborn hydrofiel oatmeal 60 cm


Looking for the ultimate sleeping experience for your little one? All our sleeping bags are made of wonderfully soft and breathable material and feature the trendiest prints, specially designed by our design team, so your little one can always sleep in style, whatever the season. All sleeping bags also have a safe and comfortable zipper to make putting it on and taking it off as easy as possible. So from newborn minis to naughty toddlers and from balmy summers to cold winters, we'll make sure your child sleeps well! This Newborn sleeping bag gives your mini a nice feeling of security and still enough freedom of movement. With a TOG value of 0.5, this sleeping bag is perfect for warm bedrooms and summer days. If you also want to use the sleeping bag at other times, combine it with one of our lovely blankets. This sleeping bag is suitable for babies up to 3 months old. After this age, we advise to choose one of our other sleeping bags. Which colour do you choose?

0.5 TOG value

Product details

Suitable from the age of (months):
Suitable up to the age of (months):
TOG value:
129 gram
122 gram
Product height :
2 cm
Product width :
33 cm
Product length :
60 cm
Certified organic cotton:
GOTS certificate: