Kid's Concept Calculus board

Now it’s even more fun to understand maths. With this educational wooden counting toy, there are endless ways to learn to count and play with numbers. Rotate the board 90 degrees to either get rows or columns, depending on how you want it. Then you can use the different tiles to make the mat playfully easy. The circular pieces of wood can, for example, represent 1, 10, or 100, depending on what level you’re at. These could just as easily be used to calculate how many apples mum and dad get each if there are eight. The only limit is your imagination. The tiles also make it easier to understand how everything is connected, as you can physically move them back and forth until you’ve found the right one. Of course, there are also numbers and wooden tiles with signs that show what division, addition, subtraction and multiplication look like. When you’re done calculating, the trays can easily be collected in the accompanying cloth bag. A flexible and educational toy that’s perfect for younger children who love numbers or for those who go to school. Contains: A counting tray, cloth bag, 25 circles, 30 numbers from zero to nine, and 15 arithmetic symbols.
Article number: 1000724
Rec. Age: 36 months
Color: Nature, Multi
Other Dimensions: Bag: 18x22 cm.
Number of Parts: 72
Weight (g): 450
Product Dimensions cm (LxWxH in cm): 26 x 26 x 1.5